iPad Screen
iPad Screen
  • Now Playing View

    A nice simple design, showing just what you need of the current playing song

  • Play Queue View

    Take control of your play queue. You can view whats coming next, move songs around, and even shuffle the queue.

  • Settings View

    There's loads of settings in Mix & Mash, you can set the mix time, adjust the crossfade length, and choose the start time.

  • Crossfade Length

    Adjust the crossfade length of your songs. If the crossfade is too short or long, just tweak the settings until it is perfect for you.

  • Lock Screen

    Take control of Mix & Mash from the lock screen. Just double tap the home button to reveal the controls.

  • Mix Time

    Set the mix time of each song. The default is to play 30 seconds of each song, but you can customise this with a time or percentage.

  • Welcome Screen

    The welcome screen offers loads of ways to get started, you can create a new playlist, load a saved playlist or load the whole library!

  • Share

    Why not tell your friends what you're listening to on Mix & Mash? Just press the share icon and share on Facebook, Twitter and e-mail.

  • Multitasking View

    Take control of Mix & Mash from the multi-tasking bar. Just double tap the home button and swipe to the left to reveal the controls.

  • Save Play Queue

    It's easy to save your play queues, from the music tab, click on the Save button. Load in your play queues from the Smart Start view.

  • Smart Play Queues

    Smart Play Queues let you create a dynamic queue based on conditions. You could create one which contains your pop songs!

  • Finish & Restart Song

    A song you haven't heard for ages comes on and you don't want it to change! Just tap the finish song button and it'll play until the end!

  • Music View

    From the music tab, you can add and remove songs from your loaded play queue. You can also press on a song to play it.

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