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Universal App for iPhone & iPad
Universal App for iPhone & iPad
Mix & Mash - The DJ In Your Pocket!

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What is it?

Mix & Mash is like having a DJ in your pocket! Load music from your iPod library and enjoy, as it effortlessly crossfades them together into a unique, seemless mix.

Personalise every mix by altering the time each song is played for (more advanced features in full version). This allows you to truly customise your listening experiences to suit your current mood or activity.

Check out the features page for an insight into some of the great features in Mix & Mash.


It’s great for parties or when you’re on the go.. You can have a playlist or shuffle & your songs will blend in like a party... trust me you will love it!!
5/5 - Rickbx167 (iTunes App Store)
This is such a great app well worth the money paid. Use it down the gym and get a constant stream of music, set it up for a 2 1/2 min crossfade so everytime the song fades I know what time I'm at.
5/5 - Flannen182 (iTunes App Store)


It's been a while since our last major update. Version 3.0 is coming soon - read more...

Don't worry - it's a free update, so don't hold off!